About Us

Simracing Team Lowlands are a multinational team, originated from The Dutch Racers from The Netherlands and Orange Juggernaut Racing Team from Belgium. We have joined forces and will continue under the name Simracing Team Lowlands from the beginning of 2023. We organize and race from fun races to championships on Assetto Corsa Compitizione, we organize these races on the playstation 5.

Sponsors & Partners

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STL is committed to making a fun team, a place where you can race fairly and meet new hobbyists.

The game servers we run at G-Portal / a website / the trophy / etc, all cost euros.

That’s why we created a donate button. So if there are people who would like to help us grow the team and community, feel free to make a donation.

The donate button will take you to G-Portal so you can donate directly into the game servers.

We at STL are very grateful for this !!