Here you find the Standings

BMW M4 GT3TDR_kakkuhr1900
Aston MartinVincent350z100
Aston MartinTim_NL85300000000000
Audi R8 LMS Evo IIVinjekko10000000000000
BMW M4 GT3Bijlebokkr8700000000000
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EvoDimster22304700000000000
BMW M4 GT3Mennoutbuch900000000000
Bentley Continental GT3 2018Davici1973600000000000
Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020NLracer853300000000000
Honda NSX GT3 EvoATP-Sully6900000000000
Honda NSX GT3 EvoJorge_de_Ronde800000000000
Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019)Ojrt_smetje5800000000000
Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019)Stl_nicky7700000000000
BMW M4 GT3RAKEuutje3000000000000
BMW M4 GT3Henry0156500000000000
Honda NSX GT3 Evobecat727200000000000
McLaren 720S GT3Jaajaapeterjaaaa53000000000000
Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020Mellie0762400000000000
McLaren 720S GT3Fearless_freak_8500000000000
BMW M4 GT3TDR_Klaas_Jansen18000000000000
Audi R8 LMS Evo IIDodo-1903-33300000000000
Honda NSX GT3 Evosantabie992800000000000
BMW M4 GT3mark_23_915200000000000
Lexus RC F GT3Miguelos_232300000000000
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EvoSTL_Mista-V141700000000000
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EvoOJRT_Gerit200000000000



This league is on PS5 for members of STL_. 10 Races on different tracks with 1 GT3 car of choice !! Did you participate the last Champions you need to search for a new brand, a new brand where you can drive fast and consistence with. After 10 races there will be prices to win so choose you brand wisely and maybe you can take home some prices !?



  • On Sundays the server will be restarted at 19:00 CET time for a one hour practice session. (In-game time: 1 hour before Q)
  • Qualifying will start just after 20:00 CET, immediately following the practice session and with no further restart (unless required).
  • There will be 5 min break after qually.
  • Race will start around 20:20 CET.

Start times, race lengths, and weather conditions can change for each round, as listed below.  There will be 2 night races and 1 variable weather race.

  • Pre-race time 5 minutes
  • Short formation lap
  • 1 mandatory pit stop in race (tyre change)
  • 1x time progression
  • Start times and weather specified below (subject to change, but will be confirmed at least 1 week ahead of time)

Practise server open 24/7, set to the times and conditions for the upcoming race. Join STL Discord to gain access to our practise server and for updates to the league. The password for the league session will not be active between the races, server will be open for 60+ SA drivers.


All drivers must read and accept the STL RULES.

To take part you must join STL discord so that you can see any league updates, and anyone who has not raced with us before must take part in the evaluation round.  Anyone not following these directions will be removed from the league.

If you are not able to register please check that you have added your PSN name in your SimGrid Profile, and that you are following ‘Simracing Team Lowlands‘.


Because full race replays are not available to the host you are responsible for providing video evidence of any incidents that you are involved in. All drivers are asked to save the video of their race using the Share Button at the end of the race.  Other drivers’ videos may be used to see different angles of incidents, so please try to save if anything happened in front of you, even if you weren’t involved.

(To increase video clip size, go to System Settings on PS Homepage > Sharing and Broadcasts > Video Clip Settings > Length of Video Clip > Select 60 Mins.)

Ideally you should also map a button to save a replay in game, and use this after any incidents.  This will save the last few minutes of action and allow you to provide a video of different camera angles if required.

To report an incident send a private message to the league steward on discord within 24 hours, and share your video clip (e.g. on youtube) with a note of the timestamp of the incident.  If sharing a short clip please include at least 10 seconds before and after the incident.

  • On PS5 – STL_RAKEuutje


It is important to notify us if you cannot attend a race. If you cannot attend a race you can simply click the “WITHDRAW” button in the Races page of the championship on The Sim Grid website under the admin tab of the specific round.


Premiere Race - Oulton Park (Feb.26)

Race 1 - Kyalami (Mar.12)

Race 2 - Paul Ricard (Mar.26)

Race 3 - Circuit of the Americas (Apr.9)

Race 4 - Monza (Apr.23)

Race 5 - Watkins Glen (May.28)

Race 6 - Silverstone (Jun.11)

Race 7 - Misano (Jun.25)

Race 8 - Donnington (Aug.27)

Race 9 - Barcalona (Sep.10)

Race 10 - Oulton Park (Sep.24)